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CIEN GOOD's Commitment to Explorers

Take a new journey as you want

Take a new journey as you want. Life is a journey that is full of uncertainties and possibilities. Cien Good believes that there’re always something on the way that will bring you enlightenment and enrich your life in a wonderful way. That’s what we think the meaning of life, which lies in every exploration you take. Therefore, Cien Good wish to create a world where everyone can start a new journey anytime. When you feel like to explore the unknown of the world and experience something new, we will give you our 100% support and get you well-prepared for every next exploration whenever you want. As an explorer, Cien Good is committed to encouraging and supporting people to explore more in their lives. We encourage you to step out of the door and experience new things in your daily life. Whether you go travelling with your family, hang out with your friends, walk your pets, or maybe stroll by yourself, Cien Good will provide functional and well-designed bags that fit your needs, to make it easier for you and accompany you all the way. Pack your bag, and take a new journey as you want!






Life is about exploring. We encourage and support people to explore the unknown of the world and live a more meaningful life. Take a new journey as you want.


Everyone can start a new journey anytime. We believe that the meaning of life lies in every exploration you take.Exploring the unknown of the world and experiencing something new will always bring you some enlightenment and wonderfully enrich your life.Therefore Cien Good would like to give our 100% support to people and let them get well-prepared for every next exploration whenever they make.

CEO'S Letter

CIEN means 100 in Spanish, CIEN GOOD is a dream of us to make 100% GOOD outdoor products for our users. As a dedicated supplier of outdoor products, we have helped many customers to gain great market share during their path of development. Growing with our customers, we believe that success relies on both parties’ commitment. Cien Good as the part of product supplier, we will fuel prosperity of our partners with solid product quality and help new participants with our experience and expertise.

As I think of our products, I think of high quality with great fashion, be practical and protective. Offering the companionship to the product users when they are with them.

With our partners, I believe that business should be mutually benefit. We work with partners with respect, trust and integrity. Both parties should be profitable and supportive during the cooperation.

Be a socially responsible company, we believe in sustainable green manufacturing, we advocate the recycle material used to reduce the consumption of oil and decrease the amount of carbon path.

In the everyday working task, our responsibility is to strive to do what is right in our business, fulfill our promise to be forthcoming with truth. This is how we support each other.

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