Cien Good 2022 Donation to Tibet School

As part of our brand participation plan, Cien Good Foundation has made our donation to Tibet in Oct., which arrived on Dec. 7th. 304pcs of school backpacks have been delivered to Tibet students.

Our Foundation will keep as we promised, take part of our yearly profit to donate the society, keeping the good passing.

Thank you for all our customers and distributors to make this plan going.

How to Clean and Maintain Your Bicycle Bags – Expert Recommendation from Cien Good a Bike Bag Manufacturer

As more and more people like going outside, bicycle is one of the most popular outdoor activities, during the travel, high-quality bike bags become essential. As a bike bag manufacturer and supplier with over 15 years’ experience, Cien Good not only focuses on the quality of bicycle bags but also strives to help customers take better care of and maintain them. Today, we will share some daily practical cleaning and maintenance tips to keep your bike bags be more beautiful and durable in the using.